QR-49 PRO White Diffusor

The Adelsklang QR-49 PRO acoustic diffusers are high-end diffusers with top performance. With their 49 (!) chambers each 6.8 x 6.8 cm, they guarantee the highest diffusion performance over an enormously wide frequency range. The QR-49 PRO offer a significant diffusion already from 500 Hz with a similar diffusion up to 4 kHz and an effective range up to 8 kHz. The closed back panel of the PRO models further enhances performance while allowing easy mounting through existing suspension points. The sophisticated and protected design of the diffusers additionally offers a noble and relaxed look.
Made in Germany - carefully handcrafted with attention to detail.

• Two-dimensional high-end acoustic diffuser
• Real QRD design with 49 (!) mathematically calculated chambers of different depths for perfect diffusion
• Highest diffusion performance over an enormously wide frequency range. Significant diffusion already from 500 Hz
• I
ncreases the spatiality, liveliness, dynamics and detail of the sound
• Prevents flutter echoes as well as disturbing resonances
• For perfect room acoustics in recording and control rooms as well as in audiophile listening rooms
• Handmade from high quality Birch plywood, 3 mm wall thickness
• Elaborate comb joint frame connections
• Closed back panel for even more performance improvement with 4 suspension points
• Effective range: 500 Hz – 8000 Hz
• Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 11 cm, Weight: approx. 3 kg
• Color: White stained
• RRP: 124,90 €    Made in Germany

Akustik Diffusor Adelsklang QR-49 PRO White Side L

Recommended by Acousticians
We are very pleased that our diffusers are recommended by numerous acousticians.

The product development was a long and intensive way. We would be happy to give you even more information about our diffusers here:

Production with the most modern techniques
Adelsklang diffusers are precisely cut to tenths of a millimeter in Germany using the most modern manufacturing methods and elaborately processed by experts to create the final product. 10 years ago, it would probably have been impossible to produce a diffuser of this type and quality.

The right material
Two aspects are particularly important for the material of diffusers, the sound hardness and the sonic properties of the material.
If the direct sound is reflected by a surface, the tonal properties of the indirect sound are shaped by this surface. This is also one of the reasons why a room with stone walls sounds different from a room with wooden walls.
After numerous measurements and listening tests of various materials, birch wood has turned out to be the best material by far. It combines sound hardness and sonic properties in an almost perfect way for an acoustic diffuser. 
To ensure quality and maximize tonal characteristics, we use only cross-laminated premium birch wood from sustainable forests.

The right material thickness
In QRD diffusers, also known as Schroeder diffusers after the physicist Manfred Schroeder, the so-called fins between the individual chambers play an important role. For the fins, the general rule is: the thinner, the better. That's why we use only sound-hard birch wood with a thickness of 3 mm for our diffusers. Due to our elaborate manufacturing process with Comb Joint frame joints, we achieve a rigidity and stability that is second to none.

Available colors QR-49 PRO Acoustic Diffuser:
Black & White