Studio & Recording

In professional and home recording studios, room acoustics are an extremely important factor for the perfect sound of the recording, as well as for mixing decisions. With poor room acoustics, the risk of making wrong mixing decisions is high. Good room acoustics give confidence when mixing and are the basis for any good recording. Adelsklang offers you high quality acoustic products to optimize your room sound in a perfect way. Our products are carefully handcrafted in Germany with absolute attention to detail.

Adelsklang Diffuser

Adelsklang Acoustic Diffusers ensure perfect diffusion. They increase the spatiality, liveliness, dynamics and detail of the sound and prevent flutter echoes and disturbing resonances. They produce a dynamic and at the same time controlled spatial sound, which sounds better and more natural.
An enrichment for any room!

Adelsklang Absorber

Coming Soon!
Adelsklang Absorbers - The problem solvers for reverberation, flutter echoes, comb filter effects and first reflection points.

Adelsklang Absorbers reduce disturbing sound and minimize flutter echoes and comb filter effects.

The room sound has an enormous influence
on the quality of the recordings and mixing decisions!